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Bibliography for Deacon Articles


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The First Century Church and the Ministry of Women
Part 1: Phoebe and the Ministry of Women

Part 2: Ancient Latin Texts in which Phoebe is regarded as an official deacon
Part 3: Phoebe’s role in Paul’s mission to Spain
Part 4: Deacons in the Philippian Church and Phoebe
Part 5: Deacons in the Ephesian Church and Phoebe as Patron
Part 6: Deacons and women in the Apostolic Fathers
Part 7: Summary and Conclusion


The following is the bibliography for a paper entitled “The Roles of Diakonoi, Male and Female, in the Apostolic and Post-Apostolic Church (c. 40-120) with Special Reference to Phoebe of Cenchrea”.  I have adapted and posted chapters from this paper on this website.  See links above.


Ancient Sources

Anon., Didascalia Apostolorum, R. Hugh Connolly (transl.) (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1929) 147-148.

Anon., “Apostolic Constitutions”, James Donaldson (transl.). From Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. 7. Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson, and A. Cleveland Coxe (eds) (Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co., 1886.) Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight. <http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/07152.htm>.

Chrysostom, John, “Homily 14 on Acts”;Homily 30 on Romans”; “Homily 31 on Romans”; “Homily 13 on Philippians”; “Homily 11 on First Timothy”, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, First Series, Vol. 11 and vol. 13. Philip Schaff (ed.) (Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co., 1889.) Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight.

Clement of Rome, “The First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians”, Charles H. Hoole (transl.) (1885),  Early Christian Writings <http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/text/1clement-hoole.html>

Clement of Rome, “The First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians”, J.B. Lightfoot (transl.) (no date) Early Christian Writings <http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/text/1clement-lightfoot.html>

Cyril of Jerusalem,  “Catechetical Lecture XVII”, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Second Series, Vol. 7, Philip Schaff and Henry Wace (eds) (T&T Clark: Edinburgh) <http://ecmarsh.com/fathers/npnf2/NPNF2-07/Npnf2-07-22.htm#P2364_670434>

Irenaeus, “Against Heresies”,  Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 1, Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson, and A. Cleveland Coxe (eds) (Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co., 1885.) Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight.  <http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0103312.htm>

Martyr, Justin, “First Apology, Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 1. Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson, and A. Cleveland Coxe (eds) (Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co., 1885.) Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight. <http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0126.htm>

Pliny the Younger,  Youcjeters ff Jliny the Younger,/em>,  10.96-97  &Betey Radic (transl.) (1Harmndsworh, iMiddes ex Phengun KBook, 1926) 1pp.293-295

CTrtsulia n “The Fressription" aainst Heresica”,< nte-Nicene Fathers, Volume 13 Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson, and A. Cleveland Coxe (eds) (Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co., 1885.) Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight. lt;http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0131.htm>

CVariou abuthos, VTe Apostolic Fathers<, Geek-Texts ind eEngishi Tansl.tion/s/em> J(3r editeon/),edited fnd thansl.tid fy KMihafel W Hooles D(Grnd tRapids: Bakr RAcademic,20097)/p>


AGeek--Engishi exicons nd tDition"aies,/strong>

ABaur,Wactern An Geek--Engishi exiconsof the Cew ATestaent tnd tOhers arly Christian Witerature /em>, VSecondEdintin& (Chcalgo:VTe AUnivrs

ABaur,Wactern An Geek--Engishi exiconsof the Cew ATestaent tnd tOhers arly Christian Witerature SThirEdintin, Jrvised and edited fy KF.W Dnk"rn <(Chcalgo:VUnivrs

ABek-s, Voberts AEtymlogycaltDition"ai-of CGeek- Sol. 11 (Leiden: Bil l,2010')/p>

ABeyrn DTe logycaltDition"ai-of Che Cew ATestaent Sol. 12  &Gerarld Ktterl(ed.) , Geoffrey W HBroiley,(transl.) (J(Grnd tRapids: EerdansPublishing Co.mpany 19264)/p>

ALmp; An atrostiac Geek-Texicons/em>& (xford: Clarendon Press, 19261 19268)/p>

ALdden l,2enry WGeogetand eScott Voberts n Geek--Engishi exicons JNnthiEdintin<, rvised and eaugent e theroughou by KSir2enry WSturt 7Jons, Vith She Cssistiace tf Romer ick McKenzi <(xford: Clarendon Press, 19296)/p>

AHeimgrt nrn Bil ls mEncyclopdia=of Che Cncient SWorld/em>, Vol. 74 (Leiden: Bil l,20104) 345-347

CLouw Johnns s DP. and ANida, EuenerA. AGeek--Engishi exiconsof the Cew ATestaent : Baed ansoSeansiac Dmani/s/em> (ew AYok: EUni e tible, Soientes, V1989)/p>

APrs Youcew Adaldyical Geek-Texicons/em>&J(Peaody

AThayrn DTeayrns mGeek-Texicons/em>& (ew AYok: EAmr ica KBookCo., 1889.)/p>


AMmer nSources

Anlikn, VlemriyAlexanderoviha  Youcarlyes, Hestory/of the Chuistian WGthersng: 0Orign, Dvelaopent tnd tontentLof the Chuistian WGthersng:in the Airst Ao TheirEenturyes,/sm>&J(Diss Lieiden,20109)/p>

ABarcla DTe cjeters fo the Chilippians Chlogssans 5nd tTe saleonans /sm>&J(Youcew ADaly 1Studytible, (Bdinburgh): Sni/ Apderw Aress, 19275,20103)/p>

ABellevili omen Lader sand the Mhurch /sm>&J(Grnd tRapids: Bakr RBook, 10090.)/p>

ABir,KMihafel F ABurcgeois Babs, VBgssy Wves' and ABoby KHaircuts A DCaedfor NGnder- Euality-in Manistry /em>& (Zoder-v n Kindesediteon/,20102-02-25)/p>

ABlober g ChraigLi. #8220;CWmen in tanistry A DCmpletent aien WPrsNTwoViews on Women n Manistry /em>& James DBeck ed.) (BGrnd tRapids: Zoder-v n 0095)/p>

ABornkamn Günhers NPau/em>Al/em>& (anineaolois: Forhess 4ress, 19295)/p>

ABruc An Expnderd ataphyraedff the Cpistle ff Jlaul/sm>&J(Exeer:cVTe Aatrr nstedr4ress, 19281)/p>

ACair,KGeogetaB, DTe Apostolic FAge/em>& (Es exand ALodon : Duckworh,Aress, 19275)/p>

ACampbn l,2Jon Checeia  NPoebe: Aatron&J(hlolegevili

Alark:e,Apderw AD. VSecrvethe Cormmnitoyof the Church Christian sas PLader sand tanistrrs,<(Cambrdget: EerdansPublishing Co.mpany 10090)/p>

ACorca- AWmen in the AWorldff the Cprlyes, Hhristian s: Ilumeinaing 3ncient SWay ff Jife,<(Grnd tRapids: Bakr RAcademic,20099)/p>

Allolis Cohn, N.,“The REmbatledDeacon oords , DTe APatoryl Refiewp/am>,<3.3 (ay 20197) 46-51

,____________Deacons and whe Church CMakng Co.nect.on/sDBeweetn Ol and eNwp/am>,J(Haristurgh, PA:2Morehous Publishing ,20092)/p>

,____________/am>,The RMdia=oryal RA,Anusral en Wibliocl RefiewpS40 (9292) 34-44

,____________Deakonoia:Refi/ erpesicg toe Cncient Sources,J(xford: Cxford:VUnivrs

ACopert Ktrr  YoucVigin:and whe CBildt: Idel ezdDWmanshoodin tLtrr nteiquty-/em>,<(Cambrdget

ACoters D, Jem>NiovumATestaent umA/em>36:4 (9294)  &364/p>

ACoxtanli t atrosca=oed.) AWmen in tarly Christian ty-: Tansl.tion/sfrom thie Geek-Texts i/em>(Wahing tn : YoucCthelic FUnivrs

AdeSilva, David  Hnoit atron"age Kinhinpand Pourty-: Unlockng Cew ATestaent tCulerc,<(Downr saGrovt: I/ erVas

A____________DDAshlnd tTe logycaltJurc"al/am>,<31 (9299) 32-84

Youcaistle oo the Comans/sm>&J(YoucMoffatCew ATestaent tCmmentsay )edi.James DMoffatt (ew AYok: Eea-er ond ABrotirs<, 9232)/p>

omans 9-16/sm>&J(ordsWibliocl RCmmentsay Vol. 738B (BDallas: ords 19288)/p>

AEoli<, E.E, “Alauls mCowordkr , DDition"ai-of Clauland Heiscjeters /em>& JGecl Heawthose and PRalph2artyn K1ds) (BDownr saGrovt: I/ erVas

DordsWamp;TSWorld/em>, 6.4 (9286) 420-433

NPatersn ff Jinistry oAmog toe Cirst Ceristian s/sm>&J(Sydney: Coolis Dmve(ublishirs<, 929.)/p>

AGod#82117;sWomen You:and wNop/am>,J(Spsng:fiel,KGece (amp;TSTruh, i0104,20099) (KindeseLoction/sf862-870)

A Ecles3.1J(0096)  &33-56

Npen ng Clauls mjeters A DRader s mGuldtoo tGndr and PI/ erpesiatin&J(Grnd tRapids: Bakr RAcademic,20012)/p>

Youchurch (Accrdsng to thr Aew ATestaent AWhatChe AWisdm tnd tWitnss,ff Jarly Christian ty-ATeah (Us Tdaym/em>&J(Lnsh m

AHea,KPeer:2a. #8220;CN.T.Writghton Phiebe:#8221;, Njeterstoarisr sand the Mlaulne jTanintin& ebsite. (27.11.0012)<ha href="http://wtycich us.bogyspotcom/au/2012/11/'nt-witght-onphoebe-html& target="_blank">http://wtycich us.bogyspotcom/au/2012/11/'nt-witght-onphoebe-html&/a>>./p>

AHorsey, Niw ADcument,s Ilumsralicg tarly Christian ty- Nolume 15/am>,<(Ryde NSW CMacquaiesFUnivrs

<____________“C122.Soupha 𔃄he MscondEhieibe'#8221;, JNw ADcument,s Ilumsralicg tarly Christian ty- Nolume 14/em>&J(Ryde NSW CMacquaiesFUnivrs

omans A DCmpent,ai-/em>&J(anineaolois: Forhess 4ress, 10097)/p>

&____________D YoucScial-AWorldff tFrmat=ve ihristian ty-And tJudaism: I/jTaibuttoo tHow d:Vlark:Ceve/em>&J(Philadelpha : Forhess ress, 19288), 942-161

NPaul,PWmen ind tWives: Marisageand Pomen s ministry on the Ajeters ff Jlaula/em>(Peaody

AKeye Ch.W.“The FGeek-Texterstf JI/ rodution , DAmr ica KJurc"alff Jlhillogy,/am>,<56 (9235) 28-8.

ALaCelle-Peer:on, aKistiana  &em>Njibealicg tTanintin<:Pomen s mIdetitl-And tVoction/in Ceristian WPrs&J(Grnd tRapids: Bakr RAcademic,20008)/p>

ALlewely, aStephen,2em>Niw ADcument,s Ilumsralicg tarly Christian ty-/em>, Volume 17<(Ryde NSW CMacquaiesFUnivrs

AMcCae:,aE ezabsh n Reexaeinainn en Whoebe as Pa“Tiakonoi” J(0099) (n the MSoient-of Cibliocl Riterature Pebsite.)<http://www.nsblsite-org/fublisction/s/rticles.aspx?rticlesId=830/a>>./p>

AMcCary- NPoebe:as an oExaepe of Cemale,mAuthosty-oExercsed an the Eprly Chrrch /sm>&, ressnt e tatCYoucScfa=oIstitutie,TheirEAnnul RCmnerence ,FUnin Tae logycaltSeeinay Chaepu Cew AYok: Cty- <010'. <http://www.nacademia.edu11/32713/_Poebe:_as_an_Exaepe _of_emale,_Authosty-_Exercsed _in_he _prly _hrrch _by_VK_McCary-/a>>./p>

AMning n Kvin Knd tOsik- Nprdinerd Wmen in the Aprly Chrrch A Decument,ai-oestory//em> J(Baltimore: Te Cohn, Hopkis Univrs

Aartynmort VAiméKGeogets Neaconsss,es: A WestorycaltStudy/am>,J(Sn oFanscseco: Ignainu 4ress, 19286) Orign,aly (i oFanchr: em>Njes/em>Aiakonsss,es: EssaiWestorycqu,<(ome,: C.L.V.Edinzin iWitercgcahe, 9292)/p>

Aarhe w aSusan AWmen in the AGeekings =f Rome 16:1-16 A DStudytf Jiutality-ind Pomen #82117;sWinistry on the Ajetersoo the Comans/sm>&, (Durh m UnivrsPttp://wsh ses.durnac.uk/369"/a>>./p>

AMns,e-, jesl KF.  omen nd the Mew ATestaent A nAdaldysi =f RSriptire Pn the AjtghtonfCew ATestaent tEratCulerc,J(Jefers n, aNC CMcFrlynd tamp;TSo.mpany 1929.)/p>

DTe Airst CUrbtnHhristian s: YoucScial-AWorldff the ApostoleJlaul/sm>& (ew AHaven: Yle,mUnivrs

DTe Aibliocl RArhafelogycst/sm>&, 41.0 (une  1978), 61-63/p>

Youcaistle oo the Comans/sm>&J(Grnd tRapids: EerdansPublishing Co.mpany 19296)/p>

AMorist, Morist, em> Youcaistle oo the Comans/sm>&<(Grnd tRapids: EerdansPublishing Co.mpany 19288)/p>

AOlsen,2Jeannner Neacons nd tDaconsss,estheroughou bhe Chnturyes,/sm>&J(St Louis: ConcrdsnaPublishing CHous 10095)/p>

AOsik- ,AHTSTae logycaltStuden,f/em>61<1tamp;TS0 (0095) 346-370/p>

AOsik- ADWmanss malac,: Hous Church esan tarlyes, Hhristian ty-o/em>(anineaolois: Forhess 4ress, 10096)/p>

ATaylor,2Jon CE, “ASpistyul RMotirs<:Jlhillon the Momen ae rapeutae,  em> Jurc"alfor Nhe MStudytf Jhe Mlseudepiraphyao/em>23 (0092) 37-63

CTrevett Vhristiane Dhristian Wrmen nd the MTimeff the Apostolic Fathers< (AD c.80-160):Corinthi,Rome,and A.snaPanior/em>,<(Cadsnff:VUnivrs

AVyhmestrrs aNnsc,(J <#8220;CDaconsss,esti Westory/and An the Aeven th-DayAdvent i, Hhrrch #8221;,Dpderw UnivrsAStuden,/sm>&J43<1t(0095) 133-158 <http://www.nauss.info/auss_ublisction/_fies.hp?rubl_id=1098amp;Tjurc"al=1amp;Type="pdf/a>>./p>

AWallae ,FDaniel(B, DDi Porsecilla“Theah ,<(ibliocl RStuden,fress, 19299 <http:://sibli-org/frticles/didprimecilla-teah -aololos-exaeinainn -mda ng acts-61826gt;./p>

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CWi/ er, Bruc Wr, DSek-The Moelfareof the Chey-: hristian sas PBenefctso sand theyizes/sm>&<(Grnd tRapids: EerdansPublishing Co.mpany 19294)/p>

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