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Top Posts of 2015

December 30th, 2015

The obligatory “Top Posts of 2015” post with plenty of egalitarian content. Continue reading»

Freebies for Students of New Testament Greek

June 12th, 2015

Here are some free online Greek texts and tools that I recommend. Continue reading»

Freebies for Students of the New Testament

April 15th, 2015

Here are links to several New Testament courses of videoed lectures (free and online) presented by top professors and scholars. Plus a tutorial on how to use Google Books. Continue reading»

Top Posts of 2014

January 1st, 2015

What have people been reading on NewLife? Here is a list of the top 10 most-read posts of 2014. Continue reading»

“Unexpected Love” by Julie Zine Coleman

December 14th, 2014

“Unexpected Love” is a book about Jesus’ conversations with nine women, as recorded in the Gospels. This book would make a lovely Christmas gift. Continue reading»

The Courage of Asia Bibi and the Cowardice of the Pakistani Judiciary

October 18th, 2014

I am stunned, saddened, and outraged that Christian woman Asia Bibi has lost her appeal to the High Court in Pakistan and has been condemned to death . . . to death!
Here is a brief summary of the situation and a link to a petition that asks for the pardon and release of Asia. Continue reading»

Using Logos Bible Software

August 8th, 2014

I’m new to using Logos Bible Software. The first lot of books that have been “unlocked” for me is a well-chosen collection of seven books published by Baker Books called “Women in the Church Collection”. Take a look. Continue reading»

I’m speaking this Saturday, the 28th of June, in Sydney

June 22nd, 2014

This coming Saturday morning I’ll be speaking at a brunch for the Sydney chapter of Christians for Biblical Equality. My topic is “The Consensus and Context of 1 Timothy 2:12”. Want to come? Continue reading»

Biblioblogs and the March Biblical Studies Carnival

April 2nd, 2014

Here’s a link to the latest list of the top 50 Biblioblogs (published quarterly.) Plus a link to the March Biblical Studies Carnival. I’m delighted – and continue to be astonished – that my website seems to be doing so well. Continue reading»

Top 10 Most Read Posts in 2013

January 1st, 2014

It been a good year on this website with over 250,000 page views by visitors from over 200 countries all over globe: from Iceland to Antarctica, and from Mongolia to Doha, and most countries in between. . . . Continue reading»

Christmas Articles

November 16th, 2013

Christmas is getting closer and I thought some might be interested in several articles I have previously written. These Christmas cover many aspects of what the Bible says about Jesus’ birth. Continue reading»

I’m now on Pinterest

September 6th, 2013

Follow me on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. Continue reading»

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