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Christmas Cardology 1: Introduction

Introduction to the nativityI loved the Christmas cards we had when I was young. Many illustrations seemed to have an almost magical quality to them. The cards I enjoyed the most were those that had images of snowy scenes. I especially liked the cards that had an illustration of a snow-covered cosy cottage, which hinted at past, idyllic Christmases.

These nostalgic scenes are completely foreign to the mostly swelteringly-hot Australian Christmases that I experience each year, which is perhaps why I enjoyed the winter scenes all the more.

Image: Merry Christmas Log Cabin by Sharon Sharpe.
Christmas card available for purchase at www.farmgifts.us

Most images on the covers of Christmas cards, of course, have nothing whatsoever to do with the events of the “First Christmas”. Even those cards that depict a nativity scene with Mary and the baby Jesus are often coloured with an artificial cosy glow, and embellished with traditional, rather than scriptural, elements.

In these nativity scenes, Mary always looks beautiful and serene, and a little remote, and the baby Jesus is invariably sound asleep. There is a pervading sense of contentment, peace, and piety in these Christmas card illustrations which I think may have been completely foreign to Mary, Joseph and Jesus all those years ago.

In this series for Christmas, I look at the story of Jesus’ incarnation as depicted in illustrations typically found on Christmas Cards and in religious art, and I compare these traditional images with what Matthew and Luke wrote about in their Gospels.   Part 2 »

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Christmas Cardology Series: 

(2) Mary’s Scandal and Favour
(3) Nazareth to Bethlehem
(4) Was Jesus born in a barn?
(5) When was Jesus born?
(6) The Virgin Mary
(7) The Wise Men from the East

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  1. Don Johnson says:

    On this page the topics are ordered from top to botton as 7 to 1, so I read this last and now see that it was intended to be first.

  2. Marg says:

    Yeah, that’s because I posted this one first and it has the oldest date.

    When I begin reposting them this December, I’ll change the dates so that this artcile will appear above the other instalments.

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