Learning to thrive in the new life Jesus offers us – 2 Corinthians 5:16-17

Faith, Belief, Trust, and Salvation – John 2:24-25

Gospel of John Bible Study Notes, Week 6

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Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life . . . John 3:36a

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith . . . Ephesians 2:8a

There is no doubt that we are saved simply by placing our faith and belief in Jesus.  But what does faith and believing really mean?  This verse in John’s gospel gives us a clue:

Jesus would not entrust himself to them . . . John 2:24 [1]

The Greek word which is translated as entrust in this verse is the exact same Greek word which in other places of the New Testament is translated as believe or have faith.  All these words are translated from the one Greek verb – pisteuō.  (Noun – pistis)

True faith involves surrendering – entrusting – your life to Jesus and living for him.  This ongoing attitude and action of entrusting will profoundly shape our thoughts and behaviours.  True faith and trust in Jesus Christ will always have an evident, active expression; it is not merely an intellectual belief.   See James 2:14-26.

Because real, saving faith is not just a mental acknowledgement that Jesus is the Saviour, whenever I am explaining salvation to people, I don’t just say that salvation is about believing in Jesus, I say that it involves entrusting your whole life to him.  This is faith.

Jesus is the only, true Saviour.  We can depend on him to rescue us from sin and judgement, and to give us a eternal life. We can be confident that he will always love us, and never leave us.  We can be sure that he hears us when we speak to him, and that he will help us.   Jesus is completely worthy of our complete faith and trust.



[1] You can read this verse here in context.  Jesus could see into people’s hearts so he knew who he could trust, and who he couldn’t.  Because Jesus is completely faithful and trustworthy we can confidently put our trust in him.

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