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I’m speaking this Saturday, the 28th of June, in Sydney

1 Timothy 2:12

This coming Saturday morning I’ll be speaking at a brunch for the Sydney chapter of Christians for Biblical Equality.  The topic of my talk is The Consensus and Context of 1 Timothy 2:12.  My plan is to look at the consensus, or agreement, of 1 Timothy 2:12 with other Scripture, and then I’ll spend some time looking at 1 Timothy 2:12 within the context of the entire letter of 1 Timothy, and in the context of  Ephesus in the 1st century.  Plus, I’ll be going through 1 Timothy 2:12 pretty much word by word.

If you’re in the Sydney area and would like to come along, you’d be very welcome.

Time: 10.00 am

Cost: $10 (includes brunch)

Venue: Hope Community Church, corner of Old Illawara Road and Menai Road, Menai.

RSVP: by emailing cbe.sydney@gmail.com, or by leaving a comment below, or through CBE-Sydney facebook page.

More details are on the CBE-Sydney website.

The notes to this talk are here.

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8 comments on “I’m speaking this Saturday, the 28th of June, in Sydney

  1. TL says:

    wish I could come. It’s just a little to far of a trip though. 🙂

    Hopefully, you will write about what you said.

    I’m sure you will do very well.

    • Marg says:

      Hi TL, I’m planning on posting a transcript on the CBE-Sydney site and on newlife.

      I’m praying it goes well. As it’s a public meeting I have no idea who will turn up, but the number of RSVPs so far has been good.

  2. John says:

    Hello marg, I know you will do very well in explaining the context & environment of 1Timothy2:12. You’ve shown direct scriptures to explain the reason why paul silenced women there. I hope many will see that the women he silenced were actually Wives(THE WOMAN) of Husbands(THE MAN) and how he was saying how God made the Man 1st and how God told eve that her husband(THE MAN) will rule over her(THE WOMAN) due to her failure in sin. And how 1timothy is located in the city of ephesus regarding the cultural belief in a goddess of childbearing/fertile named diana …who was believed that a woman was made 1st before man existed. Which this godess is mentioned in acts19 where they tried to kill paul for converting many away from that belief. May God bless your message to touch & open many eyes marg.

  3. John says:

    I wish you could preach that sermon in NY, I see some churches and even people here believing that women have to dress a certain way and cannot even preach. But if you can’t take trip around, then I won’t permit you to teach over the man….just kidding haha. But once again I hope you do great

  4. David Watkins says:

    Marg my name is David Watkins and I was present at your seminar today at Hope Church, Menai.

    I followed some links on this passage and came upon a book written in 1992 by Catherine Kroeger and her husband which discusses this difficult passage from 1 Tim 2:12. I also found an article on the web and comments from Catherine Kroeger which I found a helpful adjunct to what you said this morning about this passage.

    When I looked up who this woman was I found out that she was the founder of CBE – something that I had not realised before. Also found out that this book is called:

    “I Suffer Not a Woman: Rethinking I Timothy 2:11-15 in Light of Ancient Evidence” [Paperback].

    I also found out that the book is still available through Amazon as a Kindle edition for only $14.00.

    Is this a book that you have used in the past and has it helped you in your interpretation of this passage?

    Thank you for you teaching this morning it was most enlightening and helped me to focus again on an issue that causes so much angst in our congregations today

    David Watkins

    • Marg says:

      Hi David,

      I have that book, but I had already come to some similar conclusions myself before reading it.

      It all started when we watched a video at church. In the video there was a man walking through the ruins of Ephesus and speaking about some of the customs of the Artemis cult. He interspersed his narration with quotes from the letter to the Ephesians which seemed to have nothing to do with his setting, or Artemis, whatsoever. I was reading 1 Timothy at the time, however, and all of a sudden many things in 1 Timothy seemed to make more sense.

      I have since found out that many theologians and scholars as diverse as N.T. Wright, Gordon D. Fee, and Rob Bell, etc, believe that the Artemis cult influenced the heresy in the Ephesian church.

      (As you may know, many scholars believe that the letter to the Ephesians was probably a letter written to all, or many of, the churches in Asia Minor, not just Ephesus, and so is more general in its content and teaching.)

      I have a few problems with the Kroegers’ book. I think they make some unwarranted assumptions and suggestions. For example, on pages 59-60 they suggest that “. . . at least one of the individuals [Hymenaeus, Alexander, and Philetus] who was teaching false doctrine was a woman . . .”

      But the grammar does not support this suggestion at all. The names Hymenaeus and Philetus end with the typical nominative masculine ending of “os” in the Greek of 2 Timothy 2:17, as does Hymenaeus and Alexander in 1 Timothy 1:20. Also, these verses contain grammatically masculine pronouns and participles, etc, which is an indication that these people were most probably men.

      Moreover Hymenaeus and Alexander had already been booted out of the church because of their heresy. Paul seems to have more hope for the woman, or women.

      And I think some of the information the Kroegers provide has no bearing at all on the situation in 1st century Ephesus.

      I haven’t read the Kroeger’s book from cover to cover. But I did quote from it in an older five-part series I wrote on 1 Timothy 2:12 here. I probably won’t be quoting from their book in the future however.

  5. John says:

    Your very welcome marg, I hope yor sermon was great once again. Hopeflly we won’t have more men thinking they are more impoortant than women

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