Learning to thrive in the new life Jesus offers us – 2 Corinthians 5:16-17

Quotations to share on social media #2

Here are three more quotations to share on Instagram,TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest, etc, along with hashtag suggestions. (Feel free to add #CBMW16 and T4G2016 hashtags too.) Plus there are links to articles which give more information on the quotations. I’ve found these images effective in getting the word out. So please save and share.  

#PriesthoodofAllBelievers #CastelessChristianity #BiblicalEquality #Revelation5:9-10
New Life quotations to share: Revelation 5:10


#InJesusKingdom #NewCreationLiving #JesusRules #CastelessChristianity #BiblicalEquality #CreatedOrder
New Life quotations to share: In Jesus' Kingdom
#SpiritualGifts #MinistryGifts #WomeninMinistry #BiblicalEquality #CastelessChristianity

New Life quotations to share: God-given gift

There are more quotations like these in my photo stream on the newlife.id.au facebook page, on my Twitter Media page, and on my Pinterest page.

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