Exploring the biblical theology of Christian egalitarianism


Complementarians Single Out Single Women

April 2nd, 2017

Complementarians keep saying that men and women are equal in Christ, but the finer points of their beliefs and practices reveal something different, especially if you’re a single woman. Continue reading»

Perhaps Feminism is not the Enemy

March 30th, 2016

In this terrific article, Michael Jensen (a Sydney Anglican minister) notes that there are different forms of feminism, and that feminism is not necessarily against Christian principles. He writes: “a Christian point of view has more in common with feminism than not.” Continue reading»

Complementarianism and Same-Sex Friendships

July 26th, 2015

The complementarian ideology that men are designed to lead, and women are designed to submit to male leadership, has many drawbacks, but in this post I highlight just one of them. Continue reading»

A shepherd who only feeds the male sheep in his flock?

December 30th, 2013

Matt Chandler states unequivocally, “I teach to men . . . I go after the men.” Matt focuses his ministry on men because, he says, this is how he understands the scriptures. So what happens to the lost sheep who are female? And how does Matt’s focus affect the thousands of women in his flock? Continue reading»

Role or Rank?

January 14th, 2013

The body of Christ should function as a unity, and not a social hierarchy. [500 words] Continue reading»

Complementarians & Bible Commentaries Written by Women

October 21st, 2012

Complementarians believe that women cannot be pastors and Bible teachers, yet some read Bible commentaries and theological books written by women. How does that work? Continue reading»

Who is the “head”?

August 11th, 2012

This is a critique of Mary Kassian’s article “Sex in the Shadowlands” in which she applies the word “head” to more than God, Jesus, and husbands. Continue reading»

Mark Chanski on Gender Roles

November 16th, 2011

In view of today’s CBMW Gender blog post, entitled “Mark Chanski: Play Your Position”, I am reposting this article. [500 words] Continue reading»

More Scary Straw Women of Complementarianism

April 27th, 2011

Mary Kassian recently posted an article on her website about “Scary Straw Women of Complementarity”. But she failed to mention two important women of complementarianism. Continue reading»

Is Complementarianism a Traditional Belief of the Church?

April 20th, 2011

Mary Kassian claims that Complementarianism represents the Church’s “traditional, orthodox, historic belief” on gender. She must be reading different accounts of Church history and tradition to me) Continue reading»

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