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Top Posts of 2015


2015 has been a good year on Newlife with the number of page-views reaching over 720,000, not quite doubling that of 2014. The list of my top five posts and pages for 2015, however, is much the same as it was in 2014.

1. Abigail: A Bible Woman with Beauty and Brains
This post continues to be inordinately popular and received over 95,000 views this year, helped along by “What Bible Woman are You?” quizzes on facebook.

2. 7 things you may not know about the King James Bible
This is the only post where I’ve had to close the comments’ section because of nasty comments.

3. Mujeres de la Biblia con Autoridad Espiritual
This article is just one of several Spanish translations on this website. See my Español page for more.

4. Abigail: Una Mujer de la Biblia, Bella y con Cerebro
Abigail is also popular with Spanish-speaking readers.

5. Proving that Jesus is God from Old Testament Scripture
This is an old article, one of the first posted on this website back in July 2009.


In 2015 I posted 46 new articles. The most popular of these were:

1. Prominent Biblical Scholars on Women in Ministry
2. Queen Candace of Ethiopia (Kush)
3. Is John Piper using emotional blackmail?
4. Church Cultures that Include and Exclude Women Leaders
5. A wife has no authority of her own body? (1 Corinthians 7:4)
6. Female Masters, Male Slaves, and the NT Household Codes
7. Who was Chloe of Corinth?
8. 1 Corinthians 11:9, in a Nutshell
9. Complementarianism and Same-Sex Friendships
10. Men, please stop trying to ‘elevate’ women


One of the joys of having a website is being able to reach people in practically all countries across the globe. In 2015, readers came from 223 different countries. Here are the top 20.

Top 20 countries 2015.

(If you’d like to see even more stats here’s an online report.)


I plan on posting more articles and Bible studies in 2016. My enthusiasm for equality is not waning, in fact it is strengthening as I realise more and more how incompatible hierarchies are to Jesus’ teaching and how detrimental they are to his mission. So I expect many future articles will be on the subject of equality and mutuality in Christian marriage and ministry. I also enjoy the interaction with readers here and on facebook, and I learn a lot from your comments and questions. So please keep them coming.

Wishing all my readers and friends shalom in 2016.
Marg Mowczko

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